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What is a Gastrectomy?

This medical procedure is the process of removing part of or all of the stomach. Surgeons typically cut through the abdomen in order to retrieve the lower half of the stomach. Though not suggested for minor weight loss alone, this procedure is recommended as a treatment for people who are suffering from stomach ulcers, stomach cancer, fatal obesity, non-cancerous tumors, or oesophageal cancer.

There are different types of gastrectomies that vary depending on the situation. Here at Weight Loss Los Angeles, we have surgeons who analyze the patient’s condition to determine which operation will be most beneficial for their circumstances and health. Full Gastrectomies involve removing the entire stomach while partial gastrectomies only require a portion of the stomach to be removed. With the evolution of robotic surgery, we are entering an age of minimally invasive and scarring operations.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

More catered towards weight loss for people who have a BMI over 40, sleeve gastrectomy involves physically removing up to 80% of the stomach so that you are unable to consume as much food. The name comes from the fact that you’re cutting the stomach into a sleeve that can’t hold much. This forced method, reducing the amount of food that is consumed, ultimately leads to weight loss.

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How a Gastrectomy Works

This procedure changes the shape of the stomach into a tube or a sleeve so that it is only about 15% of its original size. Small cuts are made in the abdomen so surgical utensils can reach the area of interest. This slit is then stapled to kickstart the healing process. Gastric sleeve is the alternative to gastric bypass for people who want a less-invasive method or have circumstances preventing them from getting a bypass.

Following the operation, you will have fewer cravings and a smaller appetite promoting a safe, consistent weight loss. The portion of your stomach that will be removed is known for producing the substance that makes you hungry. Removing this specific portion ultimately causes a loss in appetite. Weight Loss Los Angeles promises a safe and successful procedure, but the results of your weight loss journey depend on other parameters as well. You must eat well and exercise regularly in order to see the best possible results from your procedure. Our specialists will provide you with guidelines and regulations so you will not enter the recovery process without guidance.

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Benefits of a Gastrectomy

This is one of the safest ways to surgically and kickstart a gradual decrease in weight. Recipients of this procedure have a smoother transition into their diets. The incisions into the body make for a less painful recovery and a cleaner healing process, with little to no scars depending on the Gastrectomy procedure type that you choose.

Gastric Sleeves don’t directly impact the digestive system and how it processes calories as the Gastric Bypass does. This in turn makes adjusting to the physical change a smoother process. The procedure can take up to 3 hours, being a quick operation with a short recovery time depending on how you manage your body. No one’s operation is the same, so not everyone has the same recovering experience, however, our physicians specialize all recovery plans to match your individual necessities. Each patient is unique and we make sure to put you first.

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Gastrectomy Surgery Results

When patients stick to their exercise and diet regiments they are assigned, there is potential to lose more than 50% of their excess body fat. These results may vary depending on the process that you’re using to gain weight. Some people take weight loss medication while others rely solely on a stable diet and exercise. There are also a few benefits alongside the actual weight loss such as a reduction in joint pain. The excess fat relieves pressure from the joints. It has also been connected to relieving sleep apnea and depression.

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Risks of Gastrectomy

With all surgical procedures, there is the existing possibility of risks that should be considered before agreeing to the operation. Weight Loss Los Angeles ensures that all patients are well informed before beginning the procedure.

  • One of the side effects of gastric sleeve surgery is blood clots in the legs since the blood flow in your body is partially disturbed during the surgery.
  • The incisions of gastric sleeve surgery are held together by surgical staples so infection is a possibility for open wounds if they are not regularly cleaned. An infection in this area can be difficult to treat and cause risk for other organs.
  • The incisions can also leak stomach acid and require follow-up surgeries or appointments.
  • Your body may encounter issues absorbing nutrients.
  • The new, tubular shape of the stomach can induce acid reflux, causing heartburn, chest discomfort and cramps.
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BMI is a measurement of your body fat based on your height and weight. Knowing your BMI can help you understand whether you fall into the categories of Overweight or Obese.

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