What is Roux-en-Y gastric bypass?

Roux-en-Y gastric is a kind of gastric surgical procedure that works to alleviate the quantum of eating cravings by surgically reducing the size of the stomach. This procedure results in a feeling of fullness a little earlier for the client, contracting the cravings of the eating that produces the sterling result of weight-loss.

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Who is a fit candidate for this?

For those individuals who are significantly overweight with a BMI of 40 or higher, weight-loss can be a godsent gift in the era of the advanced biotechnological world, especially when dieting, sweating in the gym every day, and medication is not yielding any positive result. It is also a nice idea to undergo the weight-loss surgery for those individuals who are of at least 35 BMI and are experiencing comorbidities with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes.

The Anticipated Positive Result post-surgery

Through the Roux-en-Y bypass surgery, the client will get the result of losing almost half of the excessive weight. The continuance of the long-term weight-loss vary, depending upon the ceaseless follow-ups with your surgeon, and your disciplined lifestyle over the healthy diet and exercise.

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Merits of the Roux-en-Y bypass Surgery

Striking Weight Loss: Post-surgery, the size of the stomach became smaller, resulting in the major reduction of the amount of the food it can store. Craving for more eating would be lessened. The client would have the capacity to reduce as much as half their unwanted pounds.

Improvement in co-morbidities: For those persons who are the patients of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol, the roux-en-Y surgical procedure can be of significant help to offset the symptoms and risks.

Increased Life Expectancy: According to scientific research in this regard, an obesified person who has undergone this surgery, has increased the amazing level of life expectancy.

Minimal Scarring from Incisions: Almost all West Medical surgeons use the most advanced laparoscopic equipment to perform this surgery. The requirement of making the incisions are of smaller in size, which consumes the lesser time to heal up and leaves the least visible scarring mark post-surgery.

An Amazing Improvement in the quality of Life: The clients who undergo this surgery, feel the lesser mental and physical burnouts. They also improve over the ease in their movements, bust their stress, get the more sound sleeps. They also develop the ability to participate in outdoor sports and social activities, which may have avoided in the past. This surgery also paves the way to reduce the quantum of anxiety and depression and opens up the doors of more salubrious personal relationships to muster.

The Function of the Roux-en-Y Bypass Surgery

The usual function of the stomach is like this. The food reaches first the stomach; then it passes through the small intestine. Post that, it travels to the large intestine. And then, the wastage is discarded.
In the surgical procedure of the roux-en-Y, the surgeon makes an alternative egg-sized pouch that connects with the small intestine. So the food, skipping the upper stomach, goes directly into the pouch.
Upon making the tiny-sized incisions in the stomach by laparoscopy, the surgeon performs this surgery meticulously watching the display of the laparoscopy, after inserting the tiny camera through one of the incisions.

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After Surgery

Your surgeon will chart out a detailed aftercare plan such as taking the medications in order to relieve the pain, bathing, sleeping, dietary systems, exercising, resumption of the work, and other day-to-day activities.
During the first week post-surgery, the client may feel pain in the abdomen, and even bouts of an upset stomach. Then, for the first month, the focus should be on consuming small amounts of soft foods for the pursuit of healing the intestines. Drinking as much water as possible is extremely important during the recovery stage. This habit of drinking water will help you evade the serious level of constipation. As soon as you resume eating the solid food in your meal plan, you should be double-sure to chew all your solid food pretty well. You should learn the habit of stopping eating when your new stomach tells you about its fullness. A patient can feel certain sporadic nausea because of too fast as well as too much eating. Maybe, you should attend certain counseling sessions related to nutrition to safeguard the anticipated outcome. At West Medical, we help clients throughout their journey of weight loss.
Since the part of the stomach wherein, the vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed is bypassed, certain deficiencies may emerge out. These can be tackled by supplementing through calcium, magnesium, and vitamin B12.

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The Risk of the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are treated and operated through the hands of the seasoned, skilled, and board-certified surgeons, the roux-en-Y surgical procedure is absolutely safe and effective. However, there is a certain risk, about which you would be educated before the surgery. These are the risks an infection at the incision site, leakage from the stomach into the intestinal cavity, blood clotting, and pulmonary embolism. Gallstones, anemia, and osteoporosis are also likely complications.

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Other Potential Bottlenecks That May Pop Up

  • The need for the repetition of the surgery in order to correct the link between the pouch and the small intestine if it is compromised
  • Vomiting if you overindulge in eating too much and too fast
  • Kidney Stones
  • Hernia, which arises out due to the complications by the incisions, from the kinks in the intestines

Repetition of The Roux-en-Y

A revision surgical procedure may be indispensable if the stomach pouch has stretched out and no longer acts restricting the overeating. During the repetition of the surgery, the old pouch is tapered so that the actual weight loss yields the anticipated result.
Like the first Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, the second surgery would be repeated laparoscopically, correcting the problem area. This procedure recedes down the risks, lowers downtime, and ensures more comfortable and quicker healing.

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Why to choose West Medical?

West Medical, nestled in the state of California, offers one of the premier weight loss surgery facilities. We have produced numerous most satisfying results for the clients who come from all walks of life. Our surgeons are highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate, and they give personalized care in an immaculate fashion.
From the moment of your entry to our waiting room at the hospital till the time you discharge from the hospital, recuperating, we take care of everything to the level of your ultimate satisfaction and peace of mind.

Next Step

If you suffer from obesity syndrome and believe that Roux-un-Y is the solution to overcome this problem, why don’t you call us to schedule a confidential consultation today? We believe that you will find that Roux-en-Y surgery would solve your reinforcing problem of obesity.

During the first consultation, our knowledgeable and genial physician will perform an initial round of physical examination. They will overhaul your medical history and previous surgery(ies) report (s), if any. They will also address your queries and concerns in great detail for the pursuit of chalking out the unique yet creative plan of action to make you slim down.

To learn more about roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery and other weight loss treatments, we are just a call away: (855) 679-5150.

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