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There have been a number of bariatric surgeries in the United States since 2016.  The American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery says that 3.4 percent of these surgeries were gastric bands.  Weight Loss Los Angeles can help navigate the best option for you!

Here’s a full guide in how gastric band surgery works and the benefits for lap band surgery in Los Angeles.

Quick Facts

  • The purpose of gastric surgery is for weight loss.
  • The surgery reduces the size of the stomach and is not super invasive.Running image
  • The purpose of the band is to make you feel more full with less food.
  • You need to have liquids only after the surgery and slowly reintroduce food.
  • The weight loss may vary, but it improves the chances of preventing diabetes.

How It Works

Gastric banding happens by putting a band around one’s stomach in order to stop too much food intake as well as make the stomach smaller.  The FDA has approved this method as a proper weight loss treatment in Los Angeles.

The doctor will put the band on the upper portion of the stomach and it will be attached to a tube that band.  You can access that tube through a spot under the skin.  There will then be a saline solution put into the band so that it inflates.

The band will create a small pouch above the stomach, which will help restrict the amount of food that you will want to eat.  The digestion will still be normal.

The Surgery

Regular anesthesia is administered during the surgery at an outpatient clinic and the patient will leave later in the day.  The procedure does not invade very much.  The surgeon will make a few small cuts through keyhole incisions.  The procedure will only take up to an hour at the most.  It might take a couple of days or up to a week for the patient to feel back up to 100%.

Eating After Surgery

Either way, you cannot eat as much as you normally would.  It is important to just have liquids for the first couple of days after the surgery.  After a month, start to introduce softer foods like yogurts and such.  In the second month, you can start to bring back your regular diet.

Weight Loss Los Angeles is a great resource in picking out foods to eat after the lap band surgery in Los Angeles.

Who Should Have The Surgery?

Gastric band placements are usually recommended if a person’s body max index is 35 or over.  If there are other obesity problems like diabetes, than people with 30-34.9 BMI might have the surgery.  

The surgery has become way safer in recent years making these recommendations almost unnecessary now.  There are some non-surgical options including dietary changes, physical activity, and medications.

The surgery is not recommended for those who are alcohol or drug abusers and those who have an uncontrolled psychiatric illness.

The Benefits

  • Long term weight loss
  • Fewer chances of infections after surgery
  • Less risk of diabetes
  • Improved way of life

Weight Loss Los Angeles can help share these benefits with you!  

The Risks

  • Some people do not handle anesthesia well
  • There is a chance the weight loss might not be as quick
  • The band might have a slipping problem
  • There is a chance that the port can shift, and there may need to be more surgery  

This surgery carries the same risks that any other weight loss surgery does including injury, hernias, inflammation, infection, and scarring.

More Options

Gastric Bypass is a procedure where the stomach is stapled together so it becomes smaller.  The stomach will then be direct with the small intestine and will make for less food intake.  

Sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure where a big part of the stomach is taken out and leaves a tube that once again involves staples.  This one is not reversible.  

Duodenal Switch involves two procedures where the food is thrown to the small intestine and then it will go past most of the small intestine.  The weight loss is real quick, but the risk could be greater.  

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