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Weight loss journey can be different for each individual. There are few who find it very easy to lose weight, while the others consider the whole process traumatic. Depending on the health of an individual, the process of losing weight can vary greatly. At weightloss-losangeles, we understand that losing weight effectively requires professionalism and care. This is exactly why we have a team of professionals that provides you with the best weight loss surgery beverly hills

A healthy individual can lose weight with proper diet and regular exercise. However, when you are suffering from health conditions like obesity, thyroid, etc then losing weight is a task. For these individuals, there now exists surgical procedures that help with weight loss.

Three main surgical procedures for weight loss

Losing weight via surgical procedures requires you to get in touch with the best doctors. At weightloss-losangeles, you will find the right team of professionals who possess in-depth knowledge about the various surgical procedures to lose weight.

Below are three main surgical methods for losing weight:

  • Lap band

    The adjustable gastric band is a weight-loss aid for obese persons that is surgically inserted. It’s one of many bariatric procedures that limits how much you can consume at once (restrictive weight loss surgery). The adjustable gastric band shrinks your stomach without severing it permanently like other operations. The sole brand of gastric band now offered in the United States is the “Lap-Band.” The FDA gave their blessing to it in 2001.The gastric band is a soft silicone inflated and adjustable tube. It is positioned in the shape of a ring around your upper abdomen. This inflated ring is attached to a port that is positioned just below the surface of your skin. By accessing the skin port and injecting saline solution in a quantity that allows a little exit between the upper and lower halves of your stomach, your surgeon can tighten the fit of the band. This upper stomach pouch will swiftly fill up after you eat, helping you feel filled more quickly.

  • Laparoscopic gastric bypass

    The metabolic and weight-loss operation gastric bypass. It is also known as “Roux-en-Y” in French. Your digestive tract is altered throughout the treatment, reducing the amount of calories you intake and absorb. It alters both your small intestine and stomach.The first step involves dividing the functional portion of your stomach with surgical staples into a tiny pouch. Your stomach can only hold so much food as a result. The new stomach pouch then joins to a lower section of your small intestine.This implies that food will now skip most of your stomach and the beginning of your small intestine on its way through your digestive system. Your digestive system won’t be able to absorb all of the nutrients (or calories) in your diet as a result of this bypass.

  • Gastric sleeve

    The gastric sleeve, commonly known as a sleeve gastrectomy, is a weight loss surgery procedure. It works by making your stomach smaller. The term “gastrectomy” refers to the partial or complete removal of your stomach. A tubular “sleeve,” roughly the size and shape of a banana, is left behind after the gastric sleeve procedure eliminates nearly 80% of your stomach.You may easily limit how much food you can consume at one time by reducing the size of your stomach, which will also help you feel fuller more quickly. However, it also has another function, which is to limit the quantity of hunger-inducing hormones your stomach can make. This aids in reducing appetite and cravings and might assist to stop the urges that lead people to put on weight after losing it.

Benefits of losing weight with surgical procedures

So the different surgeries clearly suits different individuals. As per the medical guidance one must opt for weight loss surgery that is effective for their body. However, in general it is important to learn about the different benefits that come with surgical procedures for weight loss.

Therefore, below are some benefits of weight loss surgery:

  • The bariatric surgery for weight loss is highly beneficial for people suffering from both obesity and type 2 diabetes. By choosing for the surgery one can remain free from insulin and other medications for atleast three years.
  • It is common knowledge that people with higher weight are more prone to heart strokes, and peripheral heart disease. So by opting for the surgery one can prevent the risk of dying due to heart stroke.
  • Obese people are mostly facing depression because of poor body image. They are not confident about themselves. Therefore, weight loss surgery also helps in coping with depression for obese individuals.
  • Being in normal weight keeps sleep apnea at a bay. As per studies, when you achieve the normal weight range after the surgery then it also helps with sleep apnea. The people tend to stop using a CPAP machine at bedtime.
  • Clearly, a heavy individual is putting a lot of pressure on the joints. This is the reasons why most obese people are also dealing with chronic pain and joint damage. Once you are in the normal weight range then you will also experience a relief from joint pain.
  • It is very important to be healthy especially in the childbearing years. So if you are on the heavier side of the scale during these years then you may find it difficult to conceive. Being obese also impacts the fertility of an individual. Hence, bariatric surgery can also lead to improvement in fertility.
  • Gallbladder diseases, pregnancy complications, metabolic syndrome, etc all may alleviate because of the weight loss surgery.

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